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He shuffles in his spot. Pulling his scarf tighter around his neck, he tries to loosen the tension from his shoulders. It’s been so long that he has been out in the mortal world. 

The emerald eyes stare into the distance. What did he do out here before? It seems like a blur. Still he stands, as if waiting for something. 

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This blog is back in business guys! 

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Any post before May 18th 2013, please regard it as trash.

I was trying to clean up this blog to start rping again but I have too many posts to delete with the Mass Post Editor, so please just ignore all my old stuff.

Thank you!

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'Shutting down'

I guess it’s really time to put this blog out of it’s misery. I still love Magethur, oh god do I, but I honestly have a really hard time committing to multiple blogs. And multiple fandoms. 

I don’t want to delete this blog, so I won’t. I honestly was so happy to be on this blog, and I just don’t have the heart to delete Magethur’s account. 

I still want to rp him but I feel like there is more for me the Onceler fandom, which is odd, but I do. I also feel like Magethur is something that needs to be restarted. He has all his old headcanons, he has the same outfit. Honestly, how his character changed was not my favorite way. He is so unstable all the time, he isn’t any better other than the fact he’s grown more accepting to few things. 

I don’t delete the blog, but I’ll be ‘shutting it down’. It’s just be like…a memorial for memories. I still do want to rp with him, so badly, but until I do feel like I can do both I don’t think I should. I moved into another fandom so I can have a character to dick with and not be serious, and wow Magethur is a serious character. 

I’ll be coming on here, looking and checking on people, but if you do want to rp and help me develop Magethur you can send me an ask on my personal and I’ll give you my skype and hopefully we’ll hit off well. 

I guess, farewell then. I love you all. 

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Regarding this Blog


Hey guys, I guess you’ve noticed I have not been rping as much, nor have I been in character at all lately. Well, I have too, trust me.

And this post is to tell you that I’m discontinuing being a rp blog.

I’m sorry if I never rped with you, or if this makes any of you sad, but I just don’t feel like rping anymore. I’m busy a lot, and running a blog based off of a character just isn’t in my interests anymore.

But don’t be sad, if you still follow me, the blog is not being deleted, I’m just changing this to my new personal, so now it will just be a normal blog, not a rp one.

And to anyone who still does for whatever reason ever want to rp with me, we still can over skype, where you can find me as shellybrulez.

I’ve had a ton of fun rping with all of you and this choice is all my own. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just finally doing something about my lack of muse and being a rp blog but not rping.

Thanks for reading!

Golly, I’m really going to miss Al and our stupid rps together. I guess it was only time, but that’s no problem. I will probably pop by on skype and rp, maybe, depending on our muses I suppose.  We left Magethur in a good place though for Al to leave tumblr. It’s been so great rping with you and being in this fandom with you. 

I can’t believe all this time has actually passed. It’s been so wonderful to has been partners with you. I’ve improved so much in my writing and in how to develop my characters. You’ve helped me so much and it’s been a brilliant time with you, Shelby. Yeah I’ll probably rp short things with you on skype because I’ll miss all of this. I couldn’t of asked for a better rp partner.

We’ve laughed and cried and really have just freaked out through it all. I can honestly barely remember our first rp and I’m sure it was shitty as hell because this fandom is the one that got me into rping so I was the newb, hehe. I remember when Magethur first began, being undeveloped and lame and being basically a really old grump who was just a dick, but you’ve added depth to him and kept his character going, and really just kept him going. We both love Alfred, and I don’t think we will both quite let him go. And just thank you for letting me type my overdone rps, and rp with you and be privileged with your character. You’ve inspired so many things over these past year…even more than a year now. I don’t really know, it all went so fast. I’ve had so much fun and I don’t regret one bit of it. I loved having to wake up in the morning just to looking forward to see if you had replied and so I could jot one down or think of a reply as the school day went by. I’ve loved seeing how my art has improved as I doodled Alfred and Magethur and Ivan and just everyone down onto the margins of my homework papers. Thinking of drabbles, outfits, aus, and loving every bit of it. 

I dunno, Broken Contract and all our lame ships are surely memorable to me. I still hold them close and miss them dearly, because I’m obviously moving on into other fandoms. We both are, and that’s no problem because I want to keep talking to you and keeping up with you even though I’ve lacked that for the past months, and for that I am sorry so don’t be afraid you holla at me if you want. 

Aaaah, just—thank you for being with me this whole time, and watching our characters grow and fight and cuddle and just be silly in general. Thanks for talking to me and making this fandom a real experience I wouldn’t dare to forget. We love you bby, so don’t be afraid to talk to me anywhere or anytime! 

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Dear Alfred….



“I don’t want it to go away,” he spoke heavily. The mage’s breaths were long, his eyes narrowing as he grew more and more uncertain with his words. The slender fingers reached up, touching the edges of the demon’s hand as they pressed against the scar. “This is about you—it’s about us. Alfred, I don’t want to—I don’t want you to go away. Alfred I just want a break, I need time to think for myself, nothing official  I don’t want to end us,” he hissed desperately. He let the short distance between the two remain, uncertain about what Alfred’s next move could possibly be next but kept his shaking hand against Al’s. 

Arthur tried not to look at the demon’s eyes, both like claws that hungered for the emotions that dwelled within the mage yet seemed to scream betrayal. The Briton had assumed for best…that wasn’t like him. He had changed and it was only hurting himself. He thought Al would come to understand and be okay with this. He didn’t want to leave Alfred…how long have they been together now? A year? More? He didn’t know, time escaped him now. Arthur kept his jaw clenched tightly, trying to listen to his mate. Why couldn’t he get the demon to understand?

A pale arm reached up, finally realizing that tears began to sting his eyes. Oh Lord, he didn’t realize how much of a fool he was. He couldn’t help but be one around Alfred. “Alfred—Alfred! Don’t leave!” he hissed, grabbing his jacket. “Alfred, it isn’t that I don’t like you or not want you around. I do, I just want time to clear my head. I need some time right now!” Emotions stormed within his chest, anger and regret turning into desperation and sadness turning into guilt. Magethur bit his lip, feeling the skin beginning to break. 

His footsteps faltered as the hands on his jacket clenched, leather squeaking as fingers squeezed tightly and the mage held back the demon from walking. “I don’t understand.” The creature did not turn to look at Arthur. His body, ridged and upright, slouched against the fingers pressing against his back. 

He closed his eyes for a moment, a grimace playing out on his face. Emotions gathered and swam in the base of his throat- weird emotions he could not describe all jumbled into some fat concoction that painfully sat and pushed at his windpipe. His stomach did flips and his chest clenched around all these blaring emotions until he felt sick. His Addams apple bobbed slowly as he took a gulp, trying to push down the blob of emotions he could not describe.

Blue-red slits flickered like a dying fire as a shudder of breath escaped him and he turned to Arthur. Al suddenly appeared tired, lost, the shimmering in his eyes jumbled and bounced trying to find something to latch onto. His claws flexed as if there was a physical form of emotions he just couldn’t understand just beyond his reach. The blond shook his head slowly, fang catching his bottom lip and running over before he opened his moth. “I don’t…” He paused, a small noise of confusion- discomfort, something near a desperate plea followed. “I don’t understand. What do you want from me?” 

The iridescent green eyes bore into the demon’s back. His lower lip stung and the watering of his eyes ceased. He felt sweat rubbing between his fingers and on his forehead. He slowly began to control the shaking of his hands. Magethur bet he looked disgusting…He felt like he had taken step backwards, even further into the self disappointment he felt these past days. He felt like he had reached the standard of mortals. Somewhere anger flared in him. He clenched the jacket tightly before releasing the abused leather as the demon turned his blue eyes to him. 

Alfred’s eyes looked something Arthur didn’t recognize. The red within slowly melted into the blues, but the hues only made the mage’s throat choke, the anger hiding away momentarily. The blame from earlier had become less evident. The medieval Briton could practically taste the confusion; was Alfred was trying to understand? He did not know for sure but as Alfred put his gaze of Arthur, Arthur felt more like a bastard who put something worth while aside. He had spent time worthwhile with Al though, he wasn’t throwing him away, he just wanted time…

"I just want time Al," he replied, bringing his hoarse voice to a hush. He put his head level, already making a fool enough of himself. But slowly Arthur brought his emerald gaze to the cloak that was laying in a mess beside him. Almost as if this was an act of nervousness, or rather a sad excuse to not look directly to his mate, he picked up the cloak. The mage caught sight of his hands, even though they were something he saw everyday, he just realized how pale they were against his cloak. He brought his gaze up to Alfred, clutching the worn cloak, "I don’t know how much time but I need to sort things out." 

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Real talk: I get irrationally irritated when people claim that pentagrams are exclusively a Wiccan symbol. Wicca’s a relatively new craft, chums. The pentagram outdates it by at least 4000 years.

The pentagram is incredibly rich in terms of symbolism—it’s associated with druidry, sacred geometry, alchemy, paganism, Christian mysticism, Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, and the Tarot. 

Its first widespread use was by followers of Pythagoras; Pythagorian tradition called it the key to higher knowledge. Greeks associated it with Hygiea, the goddess of healing.

The five points can mean different things pretty much everywhere; personally, I take this to mean the pentagram’s meaning is both layered and dependent on context. That said, it can be associated with balance and harmony, the five points on the human body, eternity, justice/mercy/wisdom/understanding/transcendent spledor, and the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and psyche/ether). 

It’s used as a sign of protection, too—either as an amulet or as a ritual similar to the way Christians use the Latin cross. To perform it, start at the left breast, then move to the forehead, then to the right breast, then left shoulder, then right shoulder, then left breast. Maybe do a little chant, if that’s your thing. Congratulations! You’re now safe from evil spirits and shit. 

There’s also an association with apples, because when you cut an apple in half, you find a perfect pentagram of the seeds and fruit. There’s a shitton of apple-associated symbolism out there, like, you know, tree of knowledge, apple of discord, all that junk, I’m sure you’re familiar. 

The inverted pentagram is associated with Baphomet, which is where the pentagrams=evil thing comes from. 

Buuuut yeah, THE MORE YOU KNOW. 

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I forgot its not okay to tell people you’re going to pee on them outside of tumblr

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i kinda wonder how much people here secretly hate me